The Reality Of CNBC’s “Money Talks”

Steve Stevens

Is The Show For Real?

A new reality show being launched by CNBC is coming under fire from the sports betting community in Las Vegas. Featuring a so-called “well-known handicapper” named Steve Stevens, many are calling the show “Money Talks” a blatant fraud. Claiming to follow the actions of a man with an incredible 71.5 percent winning percentage, the premise of the show sent up red flags in the minds of some of the most prominent sports bettors.

A High Spender Keeping A Low Profile

In a recent Twitter post, talented NBA bettor Bob Voulgaris pointed out that an over 70 percent winning average is basically impossible. In addition, no one in the Las Vegas sports betting community seems to have heard of Steve Stevens. According to a blog post written by former Caesar’s Palace odds-maker Todd Fuhrman, “No one, and I mean no one, in the sports betting community I speak with daily knows who this guy is.” With such an unbelievable winning percentage, it’s hard to understand how Steve Stevens has managed to stay so far below the radar.

Who Is Darin Notaro?

Based on the CNBC promo video for “Money Talks”, Steve Stevens operates a business called VIP Sports Las Vegas. Stevens purportedly rakes in a mint by selling his expert picks to paying bettors. When sports betting blog Wager Minds looked into Stevens’ website, they discovered that the domain was only eight months old. Not only that, the registered name on the website was Darin Notaro. An investigation into the name Darin Notaro reveals a Las Vegas man charged in connection with numerous telemarketing frauds that stole more than $234,000 from elderly victims.

Judge For Yourself

A shady web address and a suspiciously small group of connections in Las Vegas is one thing. How do we know Steve Stevens is in fact the convicted felon Darin Notaro? In their in-depth report, Wager Minds discovered images and video of a man calling himself Darin Notaro who bears a striking resemblance to CNBC’s Steve Stevens. Another photo shows Steve Stevens standing in front of the exact same office address as Darin Notaro. According to a statement by CNBC, viewers will just have to “draw their own conclusions” about VIP Sports and Steve Stevens.