The Grand Gambling Finesse of Michael Jordan


online sports bettingCountless celebrities love to gamble, but none of them hold a candle to Michael Jordan. The legendary basketball player has an insatiable knack for placing wagers around the clock. Even for the mighty Number 23, the fun of freely betting money is simply irresistible. This overview proves that the former ringleader of the Chicago Bulls is one of the most esteemed high rollers of the modern era.

Gambling Roots
One of the earliest recorded bets in his career took place in a Portland airport during his tenure with the bulls. He bet against his nine teammates that his luggage would be first one to arrive on the conveyor belt. The successful wager was worth only a few hundred dollars for the multimillionaire, but winning was so crucial to him that he bribed the baggage handler to position his bag in front. This shows that the sport of gambling took precedent over the prize.

Legendary Wagers

Sources from ESPN reveal that Jordan regularly plays rounds of golf for six figure amounts. He has even put $1 million on the line for a single hole. After dismantling his foe on the grass course, he was gracious enough to right off a huge chunk of the seven figures that were owed to him by the defeated hustler.

-Inside scoops have unearthed one occasion in which the athlete accrued a major deficit during a blackjack game. Ultimately, he recovered his debt of $500,000 to eventually wind up with further riches. He accomplished this feat by playing two hands simultaneously.

Final Note
His notoriety in the realm of gambling is undisputed, and he has earned a reputation for bold wagers on a regular basis. A consistent theme that can be traced through the bulk of his bets is a natural tendency for the athlete to bet on himself. This is not an act of hubris because he wins. No matter how insane the wager might seem, Jordan typically is cunningly victorious with his bets, which means his confidence is bolstered by a serious winning streak. His aggressive attitude on the court perfectly transfers over into the decadent lifestyle of being a top-tier gambler.