Zapping the Competition


onlinecasinoThe industry of iGaming is constantly changing and remaking itself, bringing players back time and time again. The classic casino offerings are being given complete face lifts as the technology standing behind the games becomes more sophisticated. Bodog Casino understands that innovation is driving these classic games forward and is planning on keeping stable footing in the marketplace with a new online Blackjack game. Bodog is consistently analyzing all of their games and making the improvements necessary to earn their name as a leading gaming organization.

A New Revolution

This institution’s recent contribution to the online gaming world was to introduce the revolutionary Recreational Poker Model. The same type of splash they made with this release is being planned for the experience that comes with virtual casino space. Zone Baccarat is being released into the Asian markets, testing the waters for some of their new games. This game gives players the ability to use a large number of accumulator style options. Baccarat and Blackjack are the two leading games in this market. Bodog is partnering with Customized Games Limited in order to bring players this huge step forward in online gaming.

Exclusive Access

Zappit Blackjack will be exclusively available through through the Bodog Casino. This new game has been designed by noted designer Geoff Hall, inventor of Blackjack Switch. This new Blackjack game observes all the traditional rules of Blackjack but gives players the ability to “zap” their hand when their first two cards total 15, 16, or 17. Once zapped, players receive two new cards with which to play. Should the dealer hit 22, then bets are returned to players as a “push.” This unique approach to Blackjack is not all that Bodog is bringing to the table in the near future. A series of unique games are also being released that include Zone21. In this game, live dealers are present without limitations to the number of live players.