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Courts Rule That Phil Ivey’s “Edge” Is Considered Cheating

Phily Ivey CheatingPhil Ivey is no stranger to the world of poker. At 38, many consider him to be one of the greatest poker players of all time. His reputation is backed by 10 bracelets won in the World Series of Poker. But like many professional gamblers, there is never enough money. Ivey is always looking for an edge that will increase his winnings. This edge has landed him in spotlight over the past couple years on different occasions.

In August of 2012, Ivey took £1 million to the Crockfords Club in London to play baccarat. Over the course of four winning sessions, he had more than £7.7 million in chips. When he arrived back to his home in Las Vegas, he was expecting the money to be wired to him from the casino. Unfortunately for Mr. Ivey, only the original £1 million was returned.

The reason for this is that the bosses at the Crocksfords Club alleged that Mr. Ivey was using “edge-sorting” as an advantage. That is when a player takes note of the variables in design on the back of the cards, making it possible to know what card is next to be dealt. Naturally, Ivey felt that he was entitled to his money because he claims it’s not cheating if the casino doesn’t catch its own mistakes. So he made his case heard in the UK courts. After a lengthy battle, the ruling was in favor of the Crockford’s Club. After the ruling, Phil Ivey was quoted saying “I believe that what we did was a legitimate strategy and we did nothing more than exploit Crockfords’ failures to take proper steps to protect themselves against a player of my ability. Clearly today the judge did not agree.”

A Brief History Of The Online Casino History

When the first casinos opened in Europe in the 1700’s, no one could have foreseen the development of the online casino of today. In the United States, casinos of any kind were illegal until the 1920’s, when they became legal in the state of Nevada. Gradually, gambling began spreading throughout the country, with today there being just two states left out of fifty where all forms of gambling are illegal. However, the most common form of legal gambling in America is not casinos, but lotteries.

Online Casino History

Casino gambling received an enormous boost with the sudden explosion of the Internet, where gaming software was quickly developed. Technically, the Internet has existed since the 1960’s, but it was so primitive and so few people had access to it that for most people it may as well not have existed. All that changed in the 1990’s, when technological improvements and cheap personal computers caused the internet to rapidly became available to the average consumer. With this sudden new customer base, it is no surprise that online gambling would soon emerge and thrive.

The first online casino games became available in 1995, largely as a result of the Free Trade & Processing Act that was passed in the Caribbean. The growth in online gambling was tremendous, with revenues exploding from just one billion per year in 1997 to nearly $11 billion in 2006. Concerns about adequate consumer protection in the online casino industry led to passage by the U.S. Congress of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. This legislation complicated the process by which gamblers could conduct online payment transactions and temporarily slowed the growth of the industry. However, as better regulations and transparency has made online casinos more accountable to consumers, the industry is once again enjoying greater acceptance and growth.

It is hard to believe that the online casino industry is less than fifteen years old. Today there are over 2,000 online gambling sites, including online casinos. The combined revenue from gambling entertainment sites is estimated at around $16 billion dollars. If the current rate of growth is any indication, the history of the online casino industry is still just in its beginning stages.

Casino UK Launches New Online Slots Game, Sweet Harvest

Casino UK is home to many of the best online slot games, so it’s no surprise that they have Sweet Harvest. This popular new slot game gives you plenty of ways to win and it features a colorful and well designed playing field that is sure to keep you entertained.

Sweet Harvest features five reels and a 20-payline interface that gives you plenty of ways to win. Not only that, but it gives you several characters to root for. For example, there are the farmer’s lovely daughter and the handsome farmhand. It’s obvious that the two are meant for love, but only you can bring them together. Not only that, but you’ll get some amazing bonuses whenever you help them out.

Sweet Harvest

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In Free Roll mode, you can double your winnings if the daughter and farmhand are adjacent to each other on a winning role. You can get up to 12 free rolls by getting three or more scatter symbols, which look like red barns. The Free Roll mode also features triple wild symbols to make it even easier to win.

Another iconic farm image is the overflowing basket of fruits and vegetables. You will get a random prize whenever you find this image, so be on the lookout for it. There is also reroll bonuses that allow you to roll one or more reels to increase your prize, or to turn a losing spin into a winning one.

Perhaps one of the best things about Sweet Harvest is how clean and vibrant it looks. Some other five-reel slot games look dark, and it can be hard to tell the images apart. You won’t have that problem with Sweet Harvest. Everything is vibrant and very pleasing to look at. You might keep playing just because the interface is that good.

Casino UK is known for having hundreds of casino games, and they have added Sweet Harvest to their lineup. Be sure to check out this new slot game and see what all the fuss is about. You’re sure to enjoy everything about this game, especially the huge winnings and free spins.