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Blackjack Tournaments: Your Chance to Make It Rain

In the world of online gaming and gambling, tournaments occupy a very curious place. Tournaments are generally more discreet than regular gameplays and events, and only the ones who are truly interested in wielding their gambling skills manage to stick through the initial phases to make it count at the end.

For all blackjack connoisseurs, here’s a quick roundup of upcoming blackjack tournaments of substance:


International Blackjack League

No blackjack tournament is as big as the International Blackjack League. Thousands of players from all around the world avidly take part in this league that renews every month. Over 50 top notch casinos from different countries put their share in this league to make it grander. It is currently hosted by Fortune Affiliates Group.

Casino Joy Blackjack World

Blackjack World is hosted by Casino Joy on a rather irregular basis. It is, however, understood among online gamers and gamblers that this tournament renews every three weeks. The best part about this tournament, besides sizeable rewards, is that it is broadcast live by the Poker Channel and Casino Joy website. It is definitely a feature blackjack lovers need to keep an eye on.

Head2Head Blackjack by English Harbour Casino

These tournaments are hosted by English Harbour Casino on a daily basis throughout the week. On weekends, there are multiple blackjack tournaments with compounded prizes and special rewards in the form of free spins and casino credits.

Blackjack Bonanza by Bet365

Bet365 is one of the premier online casinos and bookmakers in the world. The Blackjack Bonanza tournament hosted by Bet365 renews every month and sees participation from experts as well as newbies.

Scientific Games Corporation’s Partnership with Paddy Power

Scientific Games Corporation, which is a provider of gambling technology that has been around for decades, has joined together with Paddy Power into a content partnership. This deal will allow Paddy Power to bring a ton of Scientific Games titles to its online content catalogue, including titles from Barcrest, Bally, Williams Interactive, and Shuffle Master.

Scientific Games Corporation partners with paddy power

Paddy Power Enthusiam

The Head of Paddy Power Games made comments that show how the company is hopeful that the four large game development studios that Scientific Games Corporation will be able to bring them will be able to significantly increase the amount of overall variety they have to offer their consumers all through one single easy to use interface to give them as much freedom when it comes to different game types as possible. They are excited to bring their players the ability to access all these unique brand names, powerful game engines, and overall play mechanics.

Optimism from the Scientific Games Corporation

Scientific Games Corporation has responded with equal optimism. They’ve made comments stating that they are very pleased about the partnership they’re developing with the other company, whom they describe as a top European provider of casino content. They feel the partnership is proof that the quality and the widespread appeal of their games is something that players have taken notice of and will come to love as they play it. The customers will be able to access the gaming engine through traditional methods of online play as well as mobile wagering with their new HTML5 based capabilities.

Like Scientific Games, Paddy Power Games is a longstanding company in the casino industry that’s been in the business for decades and continues to bring its customers casino content they can trust, regardless of whether it’s in the form of sports betting, online bingo, spread betting, or other traditional casino options.

State Needs More Casinos to Retain Gamblers, Say Lawmakers

In order to defend the nearly extinct gambling industry in Connecticut, legislative leaders along with two Indian operators of casinos in the state put forth a proposal for building 3 new casinos in Hartford.

The objective in the short run is to construct a casino in northern Hartford (Near corridor Interstate 91) so as to keep away from the gambling competition coming from adjoining Massachusetts. Even then, new facilities would be permitted by the legislation near Interstate 95 (Bridgeport) as well as Interstate 84 (Danbury).


More casinos needed to retain gamblersEconomic war declared by Massachusetts: Bob Duff

According to Bob Duff, Majority Leader of the Senate, Hartford is ready to fight against Massachusetts which has announced an economic war on it. He said that they would not allow Massachusetts to take away their jobs and make sure that they are kept in the state.

It was in the November of 1995 that the legislature last tried to develop and grow casino gambling. This was when a casino project (Bridgeport) could not get Senate support in terms of vote and collapsed. In the recent years, efforts made by the legislature to pass Keno, which are video games, similar to a lottery (played in bars and restaurants) have consistently failed twice. But there are competing casinos which are cutting into the gaming revenues of Connecticut.


Springfield Casino is a threat, says Kevin Brown

According to Kevin Brown, Chairman, Mohegun Sun (Foxwoods and Uncasville), there has been a decline in the tribe’s casino jobs as a result of growth of gambling sites in various regions. His major concern is Springfield Casino. It is looking to attract almost 80% of the customers from Connecticut. However, he acknowledges the flexibility offered by new casino opportunities.

PlayStudios to Establish ‘myVEGAS’

Free to play games are an incredible opportunity to pile in the prizes. You can play for free to win heaps of promotional offers and exotic getaways in casino city, Las Vegas.

Incredibly easy and fun to win, myVegas application is considered to be one of the fastest growing mobile applications online. You can win actual real-world prizes by simply playing fun games on myVegas through social media platform Facebook, or through mobile devices.

Exotic themes and rewards

KonamiRecently announced partnership with Konami Gaming, the platform will now include numerous games provided by leading Chinese slot operators. Attractive icons based on fascinating and mystical Oriental themes provide players a delightfully exciting time to win rewards that will blow your mind away.

Original and popular games like Balance of Fortune, China Mystery, and Action Stacked Symbol are new games that are made available. Have the time of your life with prizes like complimentary meals, hotel stays, access to premium nightclubs, show tickets and much more. Live it up in first class venues like Green Valley Ranch Resort, Red Rock Resort, and Palace Station located in prime Las Vegas areas.

Social winner

Social media can’t get any more rewarding than this. Playing slot games for free while raking in credits to gain access to guaranteed fun and exciting destinations. More game titles will soon be launched to deliver an even wider choice of slot games to players across the world. Players can easily access myVegas through their mobile devices.

Play with friends and family and update them on all the amazing rewards and prizes playing slots for fun can bring. Free to play certifies a grand time where everyone can stand to be a winner. Pick your favourite game to play and win. If you like playing slots, but wouldn’t want to wager money; then myVegas is the platform for you.


Craps Cheat Arrested in New Jersey


A resident of Hudson County, New Jersey was recently arrested, charged and convicted of illegal activity at a Las Vegas casino. His crimes were related to the game of craps, where he was said to have placed illegal bets at various establishments. All his bets were placed after the winning number had been identified at these craps tables.Craps cheater arrested

The trial lasted only a week, where the 57 year old man was convicted on charges of swindling and cheating at a casino table. The charges were both in the third degree.

His first offense was of $1,000, with the bet taking place seconds after the winning dice were called at the craps table. He made this bet at the Borgata Hotel. This bet was followed up by a $500 bet at the Resorts Hotel in similar circumstances. That casino refused to pay him his winnings, detaining him for questioning instead.

Despite getting into trouble with these establishments, it appeared that Derek Bethea was undeterred. He was determined to continue cheating the system. A few days later, he went to the Revel Casino to play craps. He played a few legal hands, before placing an illegal bet of $250 after the numbers had come out. This casino also refused to pay him the money. He was arrested for this offense a few hours later.

This is not the first time that Derek Bethea has been involved in trying to cheat at the casino tables. There were incidents in 2001 and 2005 involving casinos. He was jailed for three years in 2001. The cases in 2005 were so severe that he spent eight years in jail for his crimes. He had only been released in July 2013. A month later he was back at the casinos, trying to swindle his way towards a winning.

Bethea is set to spend another four to five years in prison. It is possible that the judge will extend his sentence, given he is a repeat offender. This case highlights the consequences of attempting to cheat at a casino.

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Bitcoin ATMs Hit Las Vegas


On May 21, The D Las Vegas casino became the first Las Vegas based casino to power up one of the new Robocoin ATMs for use by gamblers. The machines are the first of their kind within the casino industry to accept a virtual currency called “bitcoins”. According to Robocoin’s CEO Jordon Kelley, “This is going to change the international gaming market considerably.”

BitcoinWhat Are Bitcoins?
Bitcoins are a form of virtual (or digital) currency created in the cyber-world market. The bitcoin payment system allows individuals and companies to deposit their forms of currency online into a bitcoin account, and withdraw those funds at ATMs located around the world. The system can also be used to transfer payments to pay for goods and services. This system differs from a traditional banking system due to the fact the system has no single administrator. All transactions are entered onto a public ledger, and the identity of the parties initiating those transactions is kept anonymous.

How Will the Bitcoin System Benefit Casinos?
The effect of this method for moving cash figures to be a boon for the gambling industry. The system will allow international high-rollers to deposit cash into the system using “online wallets”. The cash will be converted to bitcoins. When the gamblers reach their destination, they will be able to withdraw their bitcoins through these ATM machines. The bitcoins will be immediately converted into the local currency. The process figures to eliminate the need for gamblers to transfer funds in advance to casino cages, a common practice in the past. The gamblers will benefit because their withdrawals are convenient and will remain anonymous.

While these ATM machines gain popularity around the world, Robocoin has current plans to install at least six more machines in Las Vegas casinos by the end of the year. The machines can hold more than $500,000 USD and offer a convenient way to transfer cash. As this new process takes hold, casinos all around the world can expect international borders to begin disappearing for the international gambling industry.

The Grand Gambling Finesse of Michael Jordan


online sports bettingCountless celebrities love to gamble, but none of them hold a candle to Michael Jordan. The legendary basketball player has an insatiable knack for placing wagers around the clock. Even for the mighty Number 23, the fun of freely betting money is simply irresistible. This overview proves that the former ringleader of the Chicago Bulls is one of the most esteemed high rollers of the modern era.

Gambling Roots
One of the earliest recorded bets in his career took place in a Portland airport during his tenure with the bulls. He bet against his nine teammates that his luggage would be first one to arrive on the conveyor belt. The successful wager was worth only a few hundred dollars for the multimillionaire, but winning was so crucial to him that he bribed the baggage handler to position his bag in front. This shows that the sport of gambling took precedent over the prize.

Legendary Wagers

Sources from ESPN reveal that Jordan regularly plays rounds of golf for six figure amounts. He has even put $1 million on the line for a single hole. After dismantling his foe on the grass course, he was gracious enough to right off a huge chunk of the seven figures that were owed to him by the defeated hustler.

-Inside scoops have unearthed one occasion in which the athlete accrued a major deficit during a blackjack game. Ultimately, he recovered his debt of $500,000 to eventually wind up with further riches. He accomplished this feat by playing two hands simultaneously.

Final Note
His notoriety in the realm of gambling is undisputed, and he has earned a reputation for bold wagers on a regular basis. A consistent theme that can be traced through the bulk of his bets is a natural tendency for the athlete to bet on himself. This is not an act of hubris because he wins. No matter how insane the wager might seem, Jordan typically is cunningly victorious with his bets, which means his confidence is bolstered by a serious winning streak. His aggressive attitude on the court perfectly transfers over into the decadent lifestyle of being a top-tier gambler.

Zapping the Competition


onlinecasinoThe industry of iGaming is constantly changing and remaking itself, bringing players back time and time again. The classic casino offerings are being given complete face lifts as the technology standing behind the games becomes more sophisticated. Bodog Casino understands that innovation is driving these classic games forward and is planning on keeping stable footing in the marketplace with a new online Blackjack game. Bodog is consistently analyzing all of their games and making the improvements necessary to earn their name as a leading gaming organization.

A New Revolution

This institution’s recent contribution to the online gaming world was to introduce the revolutionary Recreational Poker Model. The same type of splash they made with this release is being planned for the experience that comes with virtual casino space. Zone Baccarat is being released into the Asian markets, testing the waters for some of their new games. This game gives players the ability to use a large number of accumulator style options. Baccarat and Blackjack are the two leading games in this market. Bodog is partnering with Customized Games Limited in order to bring players this huge step forward in online gaming.

Exclusive Access

Zappit Blackjack will be exclusively available through through the Bodog Casino. This new game has been designed by noted designer Geoff Hall, inventor of Blackjack Switch. This new Blackjack game observes all the traditional rules of Blackjack but gives players the ability to “zap” their hand when their first two cards total 15, 16, or 17. Once zapped, players receive two new cards with which to play. Should the dealer hit 22, then bets are returned to players as a “push.” This unique approach to Blackjack is not all that Bodog is bringing to the table in the near future. A series of unique games are also being released that include Zone21. In this game, live dealers are present without limitations to the number of live players.

Fisherman Wins Biggest Online Bookmaker Jackpot


BetVictorThe biggest payout in the history of the United Kingdom from an online bookmaker has recently been paid out to the tune of £5.4 million, and a deep sea fisherman is the lucky winner on this day. The married father with one child from Aberdeenshire first started by paying just 20 pence for every spin in the BetVictor Hall of Gods casino website as the winnings he earned quickly grew into a pot with multiple millions of pounds in it.

The winner has not been named, but he was certainly delighted when he was interviewed, stating there was no reason to ask his feelings on the matter as “yahoooo should answer that.”

Upon winning the jackpot, he informed his wife, who shared his shock and joy for the prize. According to the winner, the feeling he had upon winning the jackpot was on par with the day that his son was born.

He went on to say that all people are born chasing their dreams, and the biggest dream come true for him has been winning the biggest online jackpot in the United Kingdom as the winnings will help change their lives as concern for the future is essentially eliminated from here on out.

Previously, the winning fisherman had played poker games and sportsbook games through BetVictor, having been tempted to play the casino slots due to the major jackpots that were offered, but he pushed aside the desire due to the disbelief of having a chance to win those prizes.

After winning the jackpot, the fisherman stated he would need time to figure out how to spend the money, but he expects to deliver some to charity while remaining a fisherman since he would otherwise miss the profession to much by quitting.

This win comes just six months after another member of BetVictor had won a jackpot of about £4.5 million while on the online casino playing the Mega Fortune slot.

The Head of eGaming at BetVictor, Andrew Dymock, stated that he could not be happier about the fact that a loyal customer was able to win the jackpot; he also stated it was a pleasure to provide a congratulations.

All Slots Casino at the Top of Mobile


All Slots CasinoThanks to its busywork and television campaigning, All Slots Casino has recently claimed the number one spot for mobile casino games in the App Store for the United Kingdom, jumping up a full four spots in the span of a single week.

It was less than three months ago when the All Slots Casino mobile gaming app was released in the App Store for the United Kingdom, and it only took a bit over six weeks before it jumped into the top five ranking. This week, it made the jump from fifth place to number one due to its campaigns and busywork.

Upon reaching the top spot of the United Kingdom App Store, All Slots Casino was able to overtake a variety of social casino apps and other real-money apps that are high profile, many of which have been around the United Kingdom App Store for much longer than the All Slots Casino app.

According to the Vice President of Player Relations, David Brickman, the company is committed to remaining the number one mobile casino in the United Kingdom; now that the company has reached the spot, it wants to stay there, so players and affiliates should expect some news from the company very soon.

The All Slots Casino iOS mobile app is available to any player with an iPod, an iPad or an iPhone. In addition, there are a number of devices on which All Slots can be played without any kind of download, such as a Blackberry or an Android device.

Earlier in the month, there were two new slots unveiled by All Slots Casino: What a Hoot and Halloweenies, delivered just in time for Halloween. Thunderstruck II, a grand, award-winning slot game, will be the next release for those who play at All Slots; gamers should expect this new release very soon.

All Slots Casino was first established in 2001, offering great value for its entertainment along with its great bonus program. Powered by Microgaming, it is possible to play All Slots Casino games through the Flash and Download versions, and the mobile casino can be played on nearly any mobile device, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

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