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Adventure Time Fluxx Card Game from Looney Labs Review

Adventure Time Fluxx Card Game from Looney Labs ReviewFluxx is a card game where the rules are constantly evolving. Set in the land of Ooo from the hit children’s show ‘Adventure Time’, this card game takes the rules of Fluxx and adapts them yet again. The basic way to play the game is to draw one card per player every turn and then play those cards. Adventure Time Fluxx introduces New Rules as the game progresses, much like the adventures of Finn and Jake from the original show. The main mission of the game is to collect Keepers while avoiding Creepers while obtaining the right pairings to win the Goal that is currently in play.

Returning characters from Adventure Time

Set to draw in fans from the hit animated show, Adventure Time Fluxx will feature many loved characters from the franchise. Lumpy Space Princess and Tree Trunk the mini elephant take on the form of Keepers that sometimes have additional features and free actions. Adventure Time Fluxx introduces these special powers in an attempt to make the game from strategic, more involving and more in tune with the general mood of Adventure Time. The Ice King has the ability to steal Princess Marceline even if the player has a Creeper, adding new elements of game play to keep the setting in the Universe of the show’s premise.

Evolving rules of the game

New Rules and Action Cards add extra depth to the game and aim to keep it fast paced and constantly interesting. Various combinations call for play’s that are exclusive to Adventure Time’s version of Flux. Stealing Creepers, drawing more than one card on the same turn and immediate draws are a few new features in this edition of Fluxx. The random nature of the card game ensures replayability where chance and luck go a long way in determining the winner.

Harvey’s Online Slot Maintains Popularity

Even the quickest of jaunts with Harvey’s Online Slot can see players wind up encountering a whole mass of Wild and Scatter rewardsFollowing its initial release back in April of this year, the highly anticipated ‘Harvey’s Online Slot’ is continuing to set new records all over the world off the back of its highly addictive story structure and lucrative pay lines and bonuses to boot. Interestingly, or at least rather uniquely within the current climate of things, the game is themed around food – which surely is reason enough to go out and give it a try!

With 5 reels and 25 pay lines, this a video slot which on its surface seems like your standard console, though the more layers you peel back – the more is brought forward which makes you realise it is quite the opposite.

From the very first spin, whether or not it is a free one is beside the point, players are treated to some of the most stunning gameplay both visually and mechanically that you are likely to find throughout the entirety of the current Microgaming catalogue. And, as those who are familiar with said catalogue will know fine well, that is saying something.

Graphics aside, the gameplay is pretty sublime too! Even the quickest of jaunts with Harvey’s Online Slot can see players wind up encountering a whole mass of Wild and Scatter rewards, as well as a heap of Free Spins, Bonuses and a particularly alluring Gamble Feature. In the event a Champagne cork pops on the 2nd and 4th reels, for example, the Free Spins feature is triggered giving players the chance to win anywhere between 6 and 30 spins on top of the number their current credit amount will allow. With such helping hands along the way it is very plain to see why so many players are sticking with this game – it pays to play this game.

Saskatchewan Man Wins $7.5 Million at Royal Vegas Mobile

A Saskatchewan man the jackpot at Royal Vegas Mobile casino.April was a lucky month for one Canadian gambler. Mark A. from Saskatchewan won the progressive jackpot from the Royal Vegas Mobile Casino. Playing the Mega Moolah game from Royal Vegas Mobile, Mark A. took home a whopping jackpot of more than $7.5 million.

Royal Vegas Mobile, a division of Microgaming, offers some of the biggest progressive jackpots in the business. Winning the massive progressive jackpot was a historic event, although Mark A. prefers to remain anonymous while he collects his winnings.

Mega Moolah is a popular slots game from the Canadian games developer Microgaming. The Mega Moolah game is the pinnacle of portability, available on the Apple iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or through a web browser via the HTML5.

Microgaming and Mega Moolah have grown in popularity among Canadian gamers thanks to a reputation for speed, security, reliability and, of course, gigantic jackpots like the one Mark A. won in late April. The big progessive jackpot from Mega Moolah came shortly after Microgaming offered a big sign-up bonus to new players: an offer of a $1200 after players make their first three deposits. The matching sign-up bonus has seen thousands of new players join Microgaming and try their luck to win Mega Moolah’s huge progressive jackpots.

Microgaming is a gaming software developer that is licensed in Canada and certified by the eCOGRA as a “Safe & Fair” operator. All of Microgaming’s offerings, including the ultra-popular Mega Moolah game, are tested for fairness, reliability and security by the gaming organization. In addition to its new player sign-up bonus of $1200, Microgaming also offers daily prizes, guaranteed credits and rewards points, cruise gifts and, of course, plenty of multi-million dollar progressive jackpots.

Station Casinos Las Vegas


Station CasinosMajor companies’ buying up casino properties is not unusual. Gambling is a very lucrative business, especially in Las Vegas. Even with the Vegas strip being overpopulated by resorts and casinos, there is always room for more gambling hubs.

However, the decision by Station Casinos to purchase “The Showboat”, a casino that ran from 1954 to 2000, was seen as an unusual piece of business. The area they bought was a massive building, which could fit 450 rooms and had over 85,000 square feet of gambling space. Why is buying such a spot considered unusual? The answer lies in the state of the property. Most experts believe that this building is unusual. There is too much damage to the main site, with the only viable solution being to tear it down and build something else on that spot.

That begs the question, why did Station Casinos buy the property? They bought it because of an unusual loophole in Las Vegas casino regulations. It has to do with getting a gaming license to operate a Vegas casino. Despite companies having enough money to buy multimillion dollar properties, tear them down, and build new casinos on those sites, they cannot get a gaming license whenever they want. It can take years to get a license, with gaming authority being within their rights to say no. Vegas gaming licenses are eligible for two years after the last date when the casino was run.

When Station Casinos bought The Showboat, they were buying the license, not the property. After buying the property in 2004, they destroyed the casino site completely and were left with a completely barren area of land. Within the two year period, they set up a small trailer that held a few slot machines and one or two table games. This ensured they were running a casino, which meant the license they bought could be pushed forward for, another two years.

They have still not started construction on a new casino, but they continue to roll out the trailer whenever they want to renew a license that they paid millions of dollars for.

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How Frankie Did It His Way In Vegas

Frankie in VegasFrank Sinatra, the blue-eyed boy who knocked the world’s socks off during the swing era, was a native of Hoboken, New Jersey, but used Las Vegas as his home base. In an association that began in 1951, to last for over four decades, the Ol’ Blue Eyes added glamour to what was then, merely a dusty town.

Sinatra, live from Las Vegas

Sinatra revived his star-status during the early 1950s, making headlines with his Oscar award (Best Supporting Actor in From Here to Eternity), multiple blockbuster singles, and wedding with actress Ava Lavinia Gardner.

Amidst negative publicity and cancelled shows prior to 1950, Frankie turned to hosting a few radio shows and was welcomed by Desert Inn, a hotel/casino located in the dusty town of Vegas. A gesture that Sinatra did not forget years later when he became popular again and one thathelped the dusty old town overturn its image.

The Voice in Vegas

The legend continued to perform in Vegas, bringing in several A-listers and tourists in the process. The “Rat Pack”, a group of actors who randomly joined Sinatra on stage at the Sands Hotel and Casino in Vegas added to the charm of his act.

Up until 1994, a year before he performed for the final time in California, Sinatra was a Sin City regular. The Strip was his showroom and all of Las Vegas, a playground for the man with the love sick voice.

Almost every major hotel and casino in the Old Las Vegas shares a history with Sinatra. The Desert Inn, the Sands, Caesar’s Palace, The Mirage and the Golden Nugget – the list could go on and on. Sinatra kept company with not only celebrities from Hollywood, but also statesmen, including JFK.

Caesar’s Palace had billed him the “noblest Roman of them all”; the hotel’s Circus Maximus Theatre put up a sign saying “HE’S HERE” when Sinatra arrived in Vegas; hotels on The Strip shut their neon signs down briefly after the news of his death arrived, proving the city loved the man just as much as he loved it.



Billionaire’s Efforts May Not Be as Altruistic as He Would Have Us Believe

online casinosSheldon Adelson CEO of Las Vegas Sands is not a fan of online gambling. The genre is so distasteful to him that he is willing to spend a lot of money in order to support a ban on it. For this purpose, he has hired several people to lobby Congress, and one of those people is the former governor of New York George Pataki.

Adelson would like everyone to believe that his Coalition to Stop Online Gambling is a purely altruistic endeavor. According to Adelson, online gambling wouldn’t significantly interfere with his business because he makes a majority of his money in Asia. He has stated that the problem is that online gambling is “fool’s gold.”

In an article that he wrote for Forbes magazine, Adelson wrote that online gambling threatens American society. He also stated that children and young adults are particularly vulnerable to the perils of online gambling because they are already so addicted to video games and that the poor are unfairly targeted. Adelson’s top political advisor Andy Abboud said that he has never known Adelson to be more passionate about a subject than this one.

Although Adelson denied that his business interests would be affected if online gambling were to be legalized, he did write in his article that online gambling would take money from land-based casinos. He specifically mentioned Native American casinos, but it would make sense that other casinos would be affected as well, including those owned by Adelson.

Adelson may have inadvertently expressed his true feelings in his Forbes article. The truth may not be that he is overly concerned for the poor and young people. Rather, he may be willing to spend millions of dollars to keep people from gambling at home for his own advantage. Without online gambling, the only choice people would have is to go to the casinos if they want to play poker or other games, and this would benefit Adelson.

Online gambling is expected to be a $50 billion dollar industry if it is legalized across the country. Adelson’s hope is that there will be a nationwide ban on the practice.

Currently, the state of Nevada has online gambling available through Ultimate Gaming, and the company’s chairman Tom Breitling has plans to expand into the New Jersey market. If all goes as planned, he will be able to take his operations to Pennsylvania and California as well. According to Breitling, legalized online gambling in the United States would be a positive thing for everyone and not the “toxin” that Adelson claims it would be.

According to Breitling’s estimation, online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry that Americans have been missing. Over the past 10 years, illegal offshore gambling took billions of dollars outside of the United States. With legalization, the federal government would benefit in tax revenue, and people would profit from a chance to make real money online.

The concerns that Adelson voiced for children do not apply to Breitling’s business. Ultimate Gaming has a system in place that ensures that everyone who visits the website is exactly who they say they are. This means that they must prove that they are at least 21 years of age. The system also ensures that everyone who wishes to gamble online is in the state that they say they are in. According to Breitling, Adelson’s worries will not be an issue if online gambling can be legalized from state to state.

Breitling was asked in an interview to comment on the extreme effort that Adelson is putting forth to ban online gambling. To that effort, Breitling only said, “Prohibition doesn’t work.”

Record Breaking Ferris Wheel Opens On Vegas Strip


High Roller Ferris WheelThe Las Vegas Strip is an ever-changing marvel, continuously adding new additions where space was seemingly unavailable. The one constant in all of the construction is that each new feature pushes the limits of grandiosity. The High Roller, a world record breaking 550 foot tall observation wheel, certainly keeps that tradition alive. Each transparent cart can hold as many as 40 people, is air conditioned, and allows for a 360 degree view of the Vegas skyline for the duration of the 30 minute ride.

The Linq

The High Roller is but the focal point of an overall larger development call The Linq. The outdoor project is set to be released in phases, and will offer a combination of retail, dining and entertainment. Some of the first tenants opened for business in December of 2013, and The High Roller is scheduled to open March, 2014. Eventually, 30 to 40 stores and eateries will occupy the area, along with a bowling alley and music venue.

The High Roller is certain to become a dominant spectacle on the Vegas strip when it opens. Demand will undoubtedly be high but reservations will be available through advanced ticketing purchase for designated times. Though ticket prices have not yet been determined, the price tag will help to recoup the costs of the $550 million dollar Linq development.

Briton vs. Briton: The Fate Of Gibraltar’s Online Gambling Industry

Online Gambling Industry

The British territory of Gibraltar on the tip of the Iberian Peninsula has always had a degree of autonomy from the British mainland, especially in taxing and trade issues. Now, however, British Prime Minister David Cameron is pushing forward a plan to increase the online gambling tax in the small outpost from 1 percent to 15 percent, a move that has been harshly criticized by executives in Gibraltar’s online gaming industry.

Before about 15 years ago, Gibraltar only had one casino. Today, although the territory resembles a quintessential English town in many ways, its somewhat hidden gambling industry generates a lions share of profit. Online gamblers from around the world log on to its websites to make bets on anything from sports to the birth date of the royal baby. Gibraltar’s low tax rate on online gambling make it a safe haven for companies; around 60 percent of online bets by Britons are made through Gibraltar-based gambling sites. However, this law would not only affect companies based in Gibraltar, as online gambling giants Ladbrokes and William Hill that are based in Britain also conduct some of their business offshore in Gibraltar. Other British online gambling companies, such as Betfair, moved its entire business to Gibraltar in 2011, claiming that the change in location saved the company about £20 million per year in taxes.

This plan may pose a significant threat to the economy of Gibraltar, which produces about 15 percent of its annual GDP from this industry and jobs for around 2,500 residents. Executives within the industry are getting ready to dispute this law in the European Union courts, arguing that the law would violate the EU’s free-market rules and potentially shift the industry to new online gambling havens elsewhere.

Cameron’s move also comes at a time of increased tensions between Britain and Spain over the territory. Spain recently threatened to impose a 50 euro border tax to enter or leave Gibraltar after Gibraltar decided to construct an artificial reef in some of its waters, a decision many analysts say was prompted by a prior fishing dispute between Gibraltar and Spain.

As tensions rise between Gibraltar and Britain and Gibraltar and Spain, the fate of the tax haven’s lucrative industry is increasingly put into question.

The World of Gambling

How times have changed. Remember when vice squads all over the U.S. raided and closed down gambling establishments? If not, check your history books. To find a place to legally lose (or win, if you’re lucky) your hard earned money you had to travel to Nevada. Not anymore.

Governments at all levels, in many countries, have discovered what gambling insiders have always known. There’s money in gambling. Now corporations, governments, and in some cases, native tribes have wrested the control of this industry from the big gangsters and criminals that once reigned supreme. And gambling is suddenly a good thing.

Gambling is now legal in the U.S., but each individual state sets its own rules. Three states, Iowa, Louisiana and Michigan allow all forms of gambling. Indian casinos are allowed in more than half of the states. Interestingly, Nevada, long reputed to be wide open to just about everything, does not allow the selling of lottery tickets. Just two states make it illegal to participate in any form of gambling: Utah and Hawaii.

Canada, long strictly opposed to gambling, is now home to 70 casinos, 30,000 lottery ticket outlets, and 100,000 slot machines. Fifteen Indian casinos and bingo halls are included in this number.

World of Gambling

Legislation is being studied in Ireland to streamline a hodge-podge of licensing procedures that were different depending on the type of gambling. It will, for the first time, include online gambling. No change will be made, however, to the Irish Sweepstakes.

Various types of gambling have been around for some time in most of Europe: U.K., France, Spain, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries. But it’s not all good. Switzerland’s gaming industry has fallen into a slump. Why? One reason is a recent liberalization of gambling across the border in Italy. Slot machines and lottery sales are now legal in Italy hoping to make the once-clandestine industry more transparent and easier to regulate. The result? Italian gamblers are staying home.

Despite objections from the influential Greek Orthodox church, casinos are now being allowed in Cypress. It is hoped that this move will boost their economy.

Not to be outdone, Asia is moving is the same direction. Taiwan is planning to allow casinos on a number of offshore islands. Four casino resorts are in the planning stage for the Philippines. And Korea has serious plans to develop a number of casino resorts. Even conservative India allows gambling on horse racing. It also has a state lottery and a handful of casinos. Sri Lanka is close to settling an agreement to build a $350 million casino resort.

Most cruise lines offer casinos aboard ship. Disney Cruise Line, understandably, is one exception to this rule. Internet or online gambling is becoming more popular around the world. Although not illegal in the U.S., it is still against the law in many states; and it is still illegal in many countries. Despite this, it is evident that gambling, worldwide, is becoming more and more accepted as a popular form of entertainment.

Las Vegas Casinos and Hotels Turn to Loyalty Programs

Welcome to Loyalty

Casinos began using reward programs years before other companies saw the benefits associated with those programs.

Casino loyalty programs typically reward players for spending money in hotels and casinos owned by the parent company. Players who spent more could earn free nights at a hotel or resort and free money to use on the floor, while players who spent less could still earn free drinks and meals.With the newest forms of loyalty programs, casinos hope to entice customers who spend money in traditional casinos and online casinos.

MGM Resorts International started MyVegas as a way to grab the attention of players who typically play online. Players can earn points and rewards even if they never visited Las Vegas before. The free games are available on the MyVegas website and as apps that players can use on Facebook. With every game they play, they earn rewards that they can use at hotels and casinos in Las Vegas owned by MGM.

Online players can also earn rewards playing other games. Las Vegas is home to a number of landmarks that people travel hours and thousands of miles to see in person, and many of those landmark hotels and casinos now have reward programs available for visitors and guests. The Cosmopolitan runs a special deal that members can use when the book a room. The hotel will give them one night free or charge.

The Palazzo and Venetian both offer other types of rewards for people who visit Las Vegas in person. Though Las Vegas remains one of the top cities in the world for gamblers, companies noticed that visitors spent more money on local attractions and hotels than they did on the casino floors. The days of people spending thousands on a single hand of blackjack are a thing of the past, and many guests would rather head to a concert, live show, golf course or spa. By giving away free perks and rewards, those casinos can bring players back to the casinos.

Online Casinos also offer loyalty programs, where a player can get several rewards, up to a Caribbean Cruise on the house…if the player wagers well.